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Consortium Coordinators


Each Healthy Start (HS) project is required to have a Community Consortium, formerly known as the Community Action Network (CAN). A Consortium is a group of diverse, multi-sector state, local, and community level partners, including HS participants and other community members.

The Consortium:

  1. Advises and informs strategies for providing direct and enabling services to HS participants
  2. Develops cross-sector partnerships to ensure participants have access to needed services
  3. Develops and implements a plan for the community that focuses on at least one social determinant of health (SDOH).


Consortium Coordinators play a critical role in building and managing the Community Consortium to mobilize health care, social service providers, and others to address social determinants of health impacting their community.

Explore Consortium Coordinator Resources

The resources below cover a variety of topics related to community consortiums (formerly known as Community Action Networks or CANs) and were designed to aid HS projects in developing and sustaining planning their community consortium. Resources are delivered in several formats, including webinars, resource documents, and other tools. 

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