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Project Directors/Managers are responsible for satisfying DHSPS’ expectations for the project within the approved budget. They must align available resources with a service delivery model that efficiently and effectively achieves program goals. Project Directors/Managers must understand the approved budget and how it supports the project’s efforts to achieve the HS benchmarks; the allocation of resources to achieve those benchmarks; and the monitoring and evaluation of progress achieving the benchmarks.

Managing Your Project's Budget

When you applied for the grant, you were required to a budget narrative which, specifically describes how each item will support the achievement of proposed objectives. Line items included in your budget should include (but may not be limited to):

  • Personnel costs
  • Indirect costs
  • Fringe benefits
  • Travel
  • Equipment
  • Supplies
  • Subcontracts
  • Evaluation (may be included in the subcontract line)
  • Other

Once your grant has been awarded, your project must begin tracking income and expenses accordingly. The first step is to understand your project’s approved budget, and what costs and other income were intended for each line item. Monitoring the budget on a month-to-month basis will ensure effective allocation and tracking of costs, and minimize the need for revisions and corrections as the grant progresses. You will need to develop tracking tools for budget monitoring.

If your project is part of a larger organization, it is important to meet with your finance department to discuss your project goals and reporting expectations. Create an open line of communication to share project-specific budget information, as appropriate. They may be able to run reports to to help you review and monitor your budget on a real-time basis.

Additional Resources

A project director or project manager should monitor the grant budget on a month- to- month basis. Ongoing monitoring of your grant budget relies on your organization’s financial management systems and available tracking tools. 

Here is an additional tool to help you with your budget:

  • Proposal Budgeting Basics: Online tutorial to help project managers understand the process of creating a budget, estimate costs, and develop a budget narrative.