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Power Podcast for Justice

Powerpodcast logoThe Healthy Start TA & Support Center (TASC) is thrilled to host the Power Podcast for Justice. The podcast is hosted by Kenn Harris, TASC Director and VP for Community Engagement and Partnerships at NICHQ, and Dr. Linda Henderson-Smith, President and CEO of ATC Consulting, LLC.

Power Podcast for Justice is a vehicle to uplift conversations aimed to move the Healthy Start community – and others in the maternal and child health field – towards action. In each episode, Kenn and Dr. Linda discuss topics and issues that lead to liberation – liberation of ideas, liberation of action, liberation towards a better America, a better world.

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Kenn harris
Linda smith
Linda Henderson-Smith,

Listen to the Episodes

Power Podcast for Justice Episode 1: Resistance, Resilience, and Triumph through Historical Trauma
Power Podcast for Justice Episode 2: The Devaluing of Humans Through Racism and Its Impacts
Power Podcast for Justice Episode 3: The Legacy of the Trauma of Enslavement
Power Podcast for Justice Episode 4: Building Community to Make System Change
Power Podcast for Justice Episode 5: Culture Matters