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Project Directors/Managers are responsible for overall contract management. This includes alerting and working with DHSPS to resolve  substantive changes in scope that impact the project budget. Contract management also includes overseeing subcontractors and ensuring their contractual obligations are performed, and monitoring purchase orders issued by authorized staff.

Fiduciary Responsibility

Project Directors/Managers have a fiduciary responsibility to ensure that Healthy Start (HS) grant funds are used appropriately to achieve the HS program objectives. Project Director/Managers must establish and follow sound financial practices around 1) accurate and timely reporting of expenditures consistent with HRSA guidelines; 2) internal controls consistent with accounting standards to safeguard project funds; 3) written duties and expectations for financial staff; and 4) performance-based service contracting.

If you have any questions about your grant, please contact your HRSA Grants Management Specialist.

Other Resources

  • Sample Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) Template: An MOU is a document used to establish the terms of partnership between two organizations. In general, an MOU names the organizations involved in the partnership, defines the goals of the relationship, establishes any reporting requirements, and specifies the expected duration of the partnership. An MOU is not a commitment of funds. Use this editable template you to create MOUs for your HS project.