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Data Collection and Reporting

Healthy Start grantees regularly collect and share data with DHSPS on their project activities and anyone who participates. DHSPS uses this information to monitor project implementation, evaluate participant outcomes, and assess the impact of the Healthy Start program nationwide.

Healthy Start projects are required to use the standardized Healthy Start Data Collection Forms to gather participant-level data. Projects share this information with DHSPS through quarterly submissions to the Healthy Start Monitoring and Evaluation Data System (HSMED). Awardees also submit annual progress and performance reports through the HRSA Electronic Handbooks (EHBs) detailing yearly activities and programmatic outcomes related to the Healthy Start Benchmarks and Performance Measures. DHSPS provides several resources to assist awardees in collecting and reporting required data, including a Data Collection Forms Training, Healthy Start Benchmarks Data Dictionary, an HSMED User Manual and Validation Tool, and the free data system CAREWare, among others.

Contact Information

We encourage you to fully participate in all webinars that are offered related to data collection and reporting, and to review the FAQs and other pertinent documents shared directly via email and posted at the Healthy Start TA & Support Center website.  We also ask that you share this information, as appropriate, with all staff involved in any element of data reporting. If your question is still not answered, please send an email to the appropriate point of contact below, as well as copy your Project Officer.

Healthy Start data collection and reporting technical assistance:  Contact the Healthy Start Data Mailbox at