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What is the Healthy Start TA & Support Center?

The Healthy Start TA & Support Center (TASC) provides training and technical assistance (TA) to support Healthy Start (HS), Healthy Start-Enhanced (HSE), and Catalyst for Infant Health Equity (Catalyst) grantees in improving their service delivery, meeting outcome measures, and building their projects’ ability to work with community partners to improve health and social service systems to reduce maternal and infant health disparities.

What TA & Support Does the TASC Provide?

The TASC provides various group-based trainings and support, as well as individualized TA to enhance and strengthen grantees’ ability to reduce maternal and infant health disparities in their communities.


The TASC’s educational offerings are designed to build grantees’ knowledge and capacity around specific topics and foster alignment across the HS, HSE, and Catalyst community.


The TASC’s engagement offerings enable grantees to connect with their peers, learn what strategies others are using around specific topics, and tap into the expertise of the HS, HSE, and Catalyst community.


The TASC’s implementation resources share key information from the Division of Healthy Start and Perinatal Services (DHSPS) and provide support around data collection and reporting, project management, and other topics.


In addition to supporting the HS grantees, the TASC also serves a number of initiatives connected to HS, including  HSE, Catalyst, and others.


The TASC maintains a comprehensive resource library, which includes recordings of TASC offerings, TASC-created tools and resources, and partner-created resources.

Get Support

Grantees can submit an individualized TA request to receive tailored, in-depth assistance in a focused area from TASC staff or a subject matter expert.

Our Team

We are honored to be your TASC team and play a role in supporting the vital work of the HS, HSE, and Catalyst grantees!

Kennharris headshot
Kenn Harris

Project Director

Nikkimaffei headshot
Nikki Maffei

Associate Project Director

Oliviakean headshot
Olivia Giordano Kean

Senior Project Manager

Sharon gutu headshot2
Sharon Gutu

Project Manager

Tesspierson headshot
Tess Pierson

Project Manager

Shaylarose headshot
ShaylaRose Johnson

Technology & Data Systems Manager

Tatiana headshot
Tatiana Egbuna

Project Coordinator

TASC Consultants

The TASC team is honored to partner with external MCH professionals. Meet some of our key consultants who are an integral part of our work to support the HS, HSE, and Catalyst grantees!

Amanda henley 3
Amanda Henley

Consumer Leader

Andre nelson 3
Andre Nelson

Project Consultant for Data & Evaluation

Arthur james 2
Arthur James, MD, FACOG

Senior MCH & Equity Advisor

Calondra tibbs
Calondra Tibbs, MPH

Senior Project Consultant for Healthy Start Initiative - Enhanced

Dakisha mitchell 2
Dakisha Mitchell

Consumer Leader

Janelle palacios 2
Janelle Palacios, PhD, CNM

MCH & Equity Advisor

Piia brown 2
Piia Brown, MSPH, MBA

Senior Project Consultant for Catalyst for Infant Health Equity

Sarah summers 2
Sarah Summers

Administrative Consultant

Tamela milan alexander 2
Tamela Milan-Alexander, MPPA

Senior Consumer Leader

Questions? Use the link below to contact the TASC. We look forward to supporting you!