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Fatherhood Coordinators


Fathers play a critical role in improving maternal and infant health outcomes, given the positive impact of father engagement on child development and maternal health and well-being. Fatherhood Coordinators play a critical role in engaging and supporting the fathers and other men who are part of Healthy Start (HS) families. These team members may go by other names, such as Father/Male Engagement Coordinators, Father/Male Engagement Specialists, and Father/Male Case Managers.

Explore Fatherhood Resources

In this video, three fathers talk about their participation in Healthy Start fatherhood programs and what it has meant to them. 

This video features fathers from the Maternal and Infant Community Action Network, a collective impact effort in Philadelphia, funded in part by Healthy Start.

This video features a Fatherhood Coordinator committed to strengthening the role of dads across DC through the DC Healthy Start Fatherhood Program.

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