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Healthy Start (HS) Project Directors and Managers are responsible for developing a service delivery model that achieves the HS program goals. These services should include  direct and enabling services delivered by staff who are reflective of the community and have the training and supervision necessary to address the unique needs of individuals in their target populations.

What does scope include?

  • Who—who you serve
  • What—the services and activities you deliver or engage in with participants 
  • How—the method of delivering services 

Understanding Your Project's Scope

Part of your scope as a HS project is to recruit enough participants (i.e., mothers, infants, and fathers) to meet the target number of 700 unduplicated participants annually (at least 450 participants through case management/care coordination and at least 250 participants through group-based health and parenting education). 

All HS projects provide direct and enabling services and engage with community partners to support women, infants, fathers, and families. These services include case management/care coordination and group-based health and parenting education. HS projects are also required to convene a Community Consortium of diverse, multi-sector state, local, and community level partners, including HS participants and other community members.

Your HS project is expected to have the necessary partnerships, curricula, evidence-based/evidence-informed, and/or scientific information to implement high quality direct and enabling services. Services should be customized to meet the needs of the project area. Your scope also includes monitoring your progress towards achieving the HS benchmarks; reporting on your project’s performance; and identifying  opportunities for improvement, adjustments, or capacity-building to more effectively serve your participants and community.

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