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Cuff Kit Pilot Project

What is the Cuff Kit Pilot Project?

The purpose of this pilot project is to assess the value of providing blood pressure (BP) Cuff Kits to HS communities. Each Cuff Kit contained a blood pressure monitor and instructions, tracking log, educational materials around preeclampsia signs and symptoms, and other materials. 

 The goals of the pilot were to:

  • To measure the value of having a BP cuff in the house to support the HS participant in monitoring their BP.
  • To support the HS participant in tracking and sharing BP readings with their care providers.
  • To determine how having a BP cuff in the home may result to broader utilization (e.g., fathers/partners, parents). 
Fifteen HS projects participated in the pilot and disseminated cuff kits to HS participants between March 2023-March 2024. 
Pregnant woman taking blood pressure at home