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Topical Convenings & Summits

About Topical Convenings & Summits

The Healthy Start TA & Support Center (TASC) hosts a variety of topical convenings and summits, which aim elevate the work being done by grantees and HRSA, and promote alignment and synergy between the Healthy Start, Healthy Start-enhanced, and Catalyst communities and the broader maternal child health field.  

2023 Consumer Convening


The 2023 Consumer Convening brought together Healthy Start consumers, staff, and partners from around the nation to lift HS consumer voices, activate consumer agency, and build a shared vision for a national HS consumer platform. The TASC worked in partnership with three members of it Faculty Planning Committee – Ms. Dakisha Mitchell and Ms. Amanda Henley, who are mentored and supported by Mrs. Tamela MilanAlexander – to grow the idea of creating space for HS participants to come together to cultivate consumer voices. 

2023 Fatherhood Summit

The 2023 Fatherhood Summit convened fatherhood experts and the decision-makers for program design and integration of fatherhood and those responsible for implementation, including HS Project Directors, Fatherhood Practitioners, and fathers. The Summit shed light on how fatherhood is currently integrated and operationalized within HS and explored opportunities for enhancing and strengthening fatherhood integration to ultimately lead to better outcomes for women, infants, fathers, families, and communities. 

Fatherhood Summit 2023

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