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What is the Healthy Start Hub?

Hshub faded imageThe Healthy Start TA & Support Center (TASC)’s Healthy Start Hub is a community platform for HS grantees and partners (e.g., subject matter experts, TASC staff, DHSPS staff) to connect, engage in discussions, share resources, and much more! The HS Hub is powered by the National Institute for Children’s Health Quality’s (NICHQ) Community, Research, & Analytics Lab (CORAL). CORAL aims to support projects teams –like Healthy Start –in connecting, collaborating, and sharing across distance and time. The Hub will revolutionize the way we collaborate, connect, and share important work within our Healthy Start community. To learn more about the Hub, check out this User Guide

The Healthy Start Hub offers a variety of ways to connect with others, engage in discussions, share resources, and access information.

Groups allow users to connect with each other around specific topics of interest. These groups will be moderated by TASC staff and provide a space for open discussion and resource sharing.

All users will have access to the Public Hub group, where TASC staff will provide general announcements and resources relevant to all.

All users will have the option to join groups focused on the following topics:

  • Breastfeeding
  • CAREWare
  • Fatherhood
  • Evaluation
  • Community Action Network
  • Staff and Client Recruitment & Retention

Some groups will only be open to specific users, such as:

  • Healthy Start Enhanced Grantees
  • Catalyst Grantees
  • Healthy Start Project Directors
  • Healthy Start Families

Within each group, members can create discussions. Discussions are  organized into forums. This will allow group members to engage with each other and organize their discussions accordingly.

This calendar will sync up with the TASC’s event calendar on the Healthy Start website. Users can reference the calendar to learn about upcoming TA and support offerings.