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How can the TASC support my program’s success?

The Healthy Start TA & Support Center (TASC) provides free training and technical assistance (TA) to support Healthy Start grantees in achieving program goals to reduce infant mortality, reduce health disparities, and improve birth outcomes. Training and TA are mutually reinforcing capacity building activities. Training strives to build staff core competencies and organizational capacities to effectively provide Healthy Start services. TA provides for free, in-depth assistance in a focused area to an individual grantee or group of grantees, with an eye toward practical application of evidence-based practices targeting Healthy Start performance measures. Training and TA are offered through various modalities, including conferences, regional meetings, webinars, phone consultations, Communities of Practice, and Learning Collaboratives.

What happens after I submit the TA request?

Click the button below to submit a TA request. Your request will be acknowledged within two business days by email from the TASC. A TA provider will work with you to understand your request in greater detail and determine the most efficient way to complete your request, develop a TA workplan together, and update your Project Officer. Feel free to contact us with questions.