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Project Directors/Managers are responsible for achieving the Healthy Start (HS) program goals and benchmarks within the project period. To do so, they must establish timelines and tasks, assign tasks to staff, and monitor project progress to ensure timely completion of all project activities. 

Meeting Key Deliverables and Due Dates

In your grant application and in your annual progress reports, you are required to submit  a work plan detailing key deliverables and due dates for achieving milestones during the reporting period. This may include the following requirements and deadlines necessary to satisfy DHSPS’ expectations and achieve project objectives. 

  • Meeting due dates for HRSA-required Monthly Data Reports, Progress Reports, Federal Financial Reports (FFR), Impact Reports, and Performance Reports
  • Regularly communicating/meetings with your HS Project Officer.
  • Achieving the HS benchmarks and annual participant targets. 
  • Completing tasks according to the schedule set forth in your project work plan.
  • Aligning project activities with annual events in the maternal and child health (MCH) community (e.g., conferences, awareness events) to promote the visibility of the project and advance MCH priorities.