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Power Podcast for Justice Episode 2: The Devaluing of Humans Through Racism and Its Impacts

In the second episode of the Power Podcast for Justice, Kenn and Dr. Linda are joined by Dr. Arthur James and Mr. LaShaun Carter, who share their thoughts on the impact of exposure to racism. Dr. James is a retired OBGYN and pediatrician with a life-long commitment to equity work. Mr. Carter is the Chief Equity and Inclusion Officer in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina who has focused on equity work for over 20 years.

During Episode 2, Dr. Linda, Kenn, Dr. James, and Mr. Carter discuss the devaluation of humans through racism, how it shows up in society today, the collateral impacts and social consequences of racism and devaluation, and what we can do in our everyday interactions to mitigate its impact.