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Infant Health Equity Supplement Action Plan Grantee Showcase Event – Session #1

May 31, 2022

To culminate the Infant Health Equity (IHE) Action Plan creation process, the Healthy Start TA & Support Center (TASC) hosted a two-part IHE Action Plan Grantee Showcase Event. The goals of this Showcase Event were to:

  1. Celebrate the tremendous accomplishments of the 21 HS grantees who received the IHE Supplement and took on the challenging task of creating community-based and community-driven IHE Action Plans.
  2. Highlight the resulting community action plans and provide grantees with a platform to share their accomplishments with the broader HS community.
  3. Foster cross-project sharing and innovation by providing a place for HS grantees to engage with each other and share lessons learned and recommendations.
  4. Share the technical assistance and capacity building resources created through this process with all HS grantees and the broader community.