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4th Trimester Webinar Series Session #1

June 21, 2021

Thank you for joining the Healthy Start TA & Support Center for the first webinar in the three-part 4th Trimester Webinar Series on Monday, June 21, 20201. During this first webinar with Kimberly D. Harper, MSN, RN, MHA; Kristin Tully, PhD; and Sarah Verbiest, DrPh, MSW, MPH of the UNC Collaborative for Maternal and Infant Health and the Maternal Health Learning and Innovation Center, we explored the postpartum experience; discussed strategies for making the fourth trimester visit impactful; and shared resources for supporting postpartum people.

We will be hosting two additional webinars featuring the staff from the National Birth Equity Collaborative.


Kimberly Harper, MSN, RN, MHA

Kristin Tully, PhD

Sarah Verbiest, DrPH, MSW, MPH