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2023 Healthy Start Cohort Showcase Event

September 13, 2023

In 2023, the Healthy Start TA & Support Center (TASC) hosted four cohorts focused on topics aligned with the Healthy Start (HS) benchmarks and approaches: Breastfeeding, Community Engagement, Fatherhood, and the Fourth Trimester. The participants from each cohort identified objectives to guide their work and created artifacts based on their meeting discussions and homework assignments.

The TASC held the 2023 Healthy Start Cohort Showcase Event on Sept. 13, 2023 to celebrate the cohort members and their accomplishments. This event was open to the entire HS community and was an opportunity to hear from the cohort co-leads about the artifacts they created, and their reflections and lessons learned from the cohort. There was also an opportunity for attendees to network during the event.